4th International Conference C2SI-2023 on

Codes, Cryptology and Information Security

In honor of Pr. Jean-Louis LANET

Faculty of Sciences, Rabat - Morocco

May 29-31, 2023


8:30 Registration
9:00 Openning
10:00Coffee Break
Chairman : Yvo Desmedt
10:30David Naccache On Catalan Constant Continued Fractions
11:30Clementine Gritti Full Post-Quantum Datagram TLS Handshake in the Internet of Things
12:00Ousmane Ndiaye Moderate Classical McEliece keys from quasi-Centrosymmetric Goppa codes
Chairman : Atsuko Miyaji
14:30Jannis Leuther QCB is Blindly Unforgeable
15:00Ruize Wang A Side-Channel Secret Key Recovery Attack on CRYSTALS-Kyber Using k Chosen Ciphertexts
15:30Hussain Ahmad A new keyed hash function based on latin squares and error-correcting codes to authenticate users in smart home environments
16:00 Coffee Break
Chairman : Jean Louis Lanet
16:30Theo Fanuela Prabowo Attack on a Code-based Signature Scheme from QC-LDPC Codes
17:00Sugata Gangopadhyay Computational results on Gowers U2 and U3 norms of known S-Boxes
Chairman : Sugata Gangopadhyay
09:00 Artem Grigor/ Vincenzo Iovino Multi-Input Non-Interactive Functional Encryption: Constructions and Applications
09:30Sayantan Paul Indifferentiability of the Confusion-Diffusion Network and the Cascade Block Cipher
10:00 Jacques Patarin Quantum Cryptanalysis of $5$ rounds Feistel schemes and Benes schemes
10:30 Coffee Break
Chairwoman : Elena Dubrova
11:00 Atsuko Miyaji Lattice-based accumulator with constant time list update and constant time verification
11:30Ngoc Minh Phung Malicious JavaScript detection based on AST analysis and key feature re-sampling in Realistic Environment
12:15 Lunch
Chairman : Yvo Desmedt
14:00Philippe Gaborit Compact Post-Quantum Signatures from Proofs of Knowledge leveraging Structure for the PKP, SD and RSD Problems
15:00 Evgnosia-Alexandra Kelesidis / Ilona Teodora Ciocan Searching for Gemstones: Flawed Stegosystems May Hide Promissing Ideas
15:30Binh Le Thanh Thai A Study for Security of Visual Cryptography
16:00Coffee Break
Chairman : Nuh Aydin
16:30Nadir Sahllal Forecasting Click Fraud via Machine Learning Algorithms
17:00Hind Idrissi / Mohammed Ennahbaoui An Enhanced Anonymous ECC-based Authentication for Lightweight Application in TMIS
Chairwoman : Sihem Mesanger
09:00Yvo Desmedt Cryptologists should not ignore the history of Al-Andalusia
10:00Vladimir Edemskiy and Sofia Koltsova Symmetric 4-adic complexity of quaternary sequences with period $2p^n$
10:30 Coffee Break
Chairman : Vincenzo Iovino
11:00Agnese Gini and Pierrick Méaux Weightwise perfectly balanced functions and nonlinearity
11:30Bastien Pacifico and Stéphane Ballet Chudnovsky-type algorithms over the projective line using generalized evaluation maps
Chairman : Zine-Dine Khalid
12:00Tomohiro Sekiguchi and Hidema Tanaka Security enhancement method using shortened error correcting codes
12:30Nuah Aydin, Yiyang Lu and Vishad Onta An Updated Database of Z4 Codes and an Open Problem about Quasi-Cyclic Codes
14:30Social event